Below you see an overview of my work. Clicking any picture or titel will take you to that gallery.

Over the course of time several art works came into existence – small and large.
Some of the statues are on display at galleries and art museums. Others have a place in my permanent exposition garden next to our home in the province of Noord Brabant in The Netherlands (see CONTACT or click the button below)

Should you like to view these in situ, require information or discuss placement, please contact me.

Acquiring or leasing sculptures

I have several finished statues that can be leased. This gives you the opportunity to have a beautiful work of stone art for a limited period in your private or corporate exterior or interior at a fraction of the purchase price. With the option to buy you will even profit from the already paid sum! The minimal time for a contract is 5 years.

Placing a sculpture is something that needs to be done with love and expertise, but basically any solid flooring will do that will carry the weight. I can advise you on this matter. Of course the placement area needs to be open enough to let some heavy material onto the grounds (usually a truck with a crane for the large objects) – the smaller art works of course are much easier to handle.
At the moment leasing a sculpture is possible in The Netherlands and Belgium – but when agreed on the technical and judicial details Germany can be included too.

Please contact me at you ealiest convenience so we can discuss your wishes! | | | Facebook page | LinkedIn

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