Galerie Haagse Kunst Kring, Den Haag
    June 03 – 25 


    Pulchri Studio, Den Haag
    NKvB Jubilee exhibition on the occasion of the hundred-year existence of the Dutch Circuit of Sculptors
    May 06 – June 24
  • Foundation Land Art Delft
  •   Update textsculpture “Ërstarrung”
“HORTUS OCULUS” Foundation Land Art Delft

Spotlight 2017/2018


There is plenty of room for adventure with Van Zijp. The eloquence of his work comes from more than ruthless application of aesthetic rationality. His tranquil essences seem also to flow from a comprehension of reality.The design serves a deeper understanding.The spectator has above all to feel this with Van Zijp while contemplating his work; work that long after remains imprinted on your retina.

opening ceremony by prinses Beatrix

Jubilee exhibition:
Centennial of the  Dutch Society of Sculptors until june 24, Pulchri Studio, the Hague

Update texsculptue "Erstarrung" 2018

For the exhibition ‘Aha Erlebnis’ in May 2015 I created a new sculpture. I am now updating it for a new exhibition in Delft, The Netherlands.  Find more about this [here].


‘Because The Wind Is Never Mistaken’. A short v-doc on the making of a sculpture with some audio in Dutch. No subtitles, but I hope you can work around that and follow the process of 6 months of art in the making…
See more videos on the MEDIA page.

Semi–permanent exhibition

The statue ‘Blue Heavens Boogie’ has a prominent semi-permanent spot for three years in ‘Beeldenpark Drechtoevers’ in Alblasserdam (NL)

New Studio

    New studio:  Kollum, The Netherlands

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